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Does a Water Softener Raise your Blood Pressure?

However, while searching for a water softener myself, I came across several online water softener reviews by people who already have a water softener system installed in their homes suggesting that using a water softener raised their blood pressure.

As I have people with blood pressure related issues in my home, I researched about the facts on whether a water softener raises blood pressure and today in this article I will be sharing my findings and knowledge about the same.

So basically how does a water softener raise your blood pressure?

Well, for this you need to know how a water softener works. Water softener systems have “resins” in the system having soft minerals in them and in almost all the cases the soft mineral that is used is Sodium. Also, hard water contains minerals like Calcium which are classified as hard minerals.

So when hard water is treated by the water softener, the hard mineral like Calcium that is present in the water is switched for soft minerals like Sodium present with the help of the “resin” in order to make the water “soft” and proper for human consumption.

Sodium is a salt and when the Sodium salt level rises beyond the limit in your body, your body produces more water in order to remove the excess sodium content from the body. As more water is produced (as sweat) by the tissues in your body, it also raises the blood volume in your body and this raised volume exerts more pressure on the blood vessels in your body in order to get the blood moving through your body. This exerted pressure is what will increase your blood pressure.

The thing with water softener systems is that it normally only adds a mere 12.5 milligrams of sodium to each glass of water which is nowhere enough to raise your blood pressure due to an increased level of sodium. A normal human without prior blood pressure related issues can consume anywhere below 2,300 milligrams of Sodium and anyone with prior blood pressure related issues can consume anywhere below 1,500 milligrams of Sodium.

Even though sodium level is a factor to increase blood pressure, it is not the only factor. Obesity, tension, diabetes, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking can all lead to increased blood pressure levels.

So, does a water softener raise your blood pressure?

The simple answer is NO. However, if you need to have a restricted sodium intake then there are various things you can do in order to make sure that you do not consume more sodium than what is required:

  1. You can use Potassium instead of Sodium in your water softener system in order to treat hard water. Potassium also does the same task as Sodium when it comes to treating hard water and converting it to soft water and in addition, you do not have to worry in having an excess amount of sodium in your body.
  2. You can decrease the level of sodium intake by restricting on your food consumption and avoiding food items with a higher amount of sodium including fast food.
  3. Restrict the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking.
  4. You can also calculate the amount of sodium in milligram per liter of water that your water softener is treating. To do the same, find the amount hardness of water in GPG in the normal water reaching your home and multiple the same with 8 to get the result.

Final Words:

I hope that this article was able to answer sufficiently the question on does a water softener raise your blood pressure. In case you found this article interesting, do share it on your social media profiles as well.