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Does a Water Softener Raise your Blood Pressure?

However, while searching for a water softener myself, I came across several online water softener reviews by people who already have a water softener system installed in their homes suggesting that using a water softener raised their blood pressure.

As I have people with blood pressure related issues in my home, I researched about the facts on whether a water softener raises blood pressure and today in this article I will be sharing my findings and knowledge about the same.

So basically how does a water softener raise your blood pressure?

Well, for this you need to know how a water softener works. Water softener systems have “resins” in the system having soft minerals in them and in almost all the cases the soft mineral that is used is Sodium. Also, hard water contains minerals like Calcium which are classified as hard minerals.

So when hard water is treated by the water softener, the hard mineral like Calcium that is present in the water is switched for soft minerals like Sodium present with the help of the “resin” in order to make the water “soft” and proper for human consumption.

Sodium is a salt and when the Sodium salt level rises beyond the limit in your body, your body produces more water in order to remove the excess sodium content from the body. As more water is produced (as sweat) by the tissues in your body, it also raises the blood volume in your body and this raised volume exerts more pressure on the blood vessels in your body in order to get the blood moving through your body. This exerted pressure is what will increase your blood pressure.

The thing with water softener systems is that it normally only adds a mere 12.5 milligrams of sodium to each glass of water which is nowhere enough to raise your blood pressure due to an increased level of sodium. A normal human without prior blood pressure related issues can consume anywhere below 2,300 milligrams of Sodium and anyone with prior blood pressure related issues can consume anywhere below 1,500 milligrams of Sodium.

Even though sodium level is a factor to increase blood pressure, it is not the only factor. Obesity, tension, diabetes, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking can all lead to increased blood pressure levels.

So, does a water softener raise your blood pressure?

The simple answer is NO. However, if you need to have a restricted sodium intake then there are various things you can do in order to make sure that you do not consume more sodium than what is required:

  1. You can use Potassium instead of Sodium in your water softener system in order to treat hard water. Potassium also does the same task as Sodium when it comes to treating hard water and converting it to soft water and in addition, you do not have to worry in having an excess amount of sodium in your body.
  2. You can decrease the level of sodium intake by restricting on your food consumption and avoiding food items with a higher amount of sodium including fast food.
  3. Restrict the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking.
  4. You can also calculate the amount of sodium in milligram per liter of water that your water softener is treating. To do the same, find the amount hardness of water in GPG in the normal water reaching your home and multiple the same with 8 to get the result.

Final Words:

I hope that this article was able to answer sufficiently the question on does a water softener raise your blood pressure. In case you found this article interesting, do share it on your social media profiles as well.

The Best Fallout 4 Mods For Better Gaming Experience

Finding the best Fallout 4 mods among the game’s thousands of fixes and changes can be easier said than done. This post focuses on highlighting some of the best Fallout 4 New Vegas mods released so far, based on settling, crafting, visual improvements, gameplay enhancements, locations, and the tools and utilities you’ll need to get those mods working.

Fallout: New Vegas, Most Essential Mods Released So Far

· Fallout Mod Manager – You’ll need the Mod Manager in order to get all of your mods up and running, so make sure you get this one first.

· New Vegas Script Extender – As you continue to add mods to Fallout: New Vegas, you may find that you’ll need the New Vegas Script Extender mod to ensure that all your mods can work simultaneously.

· Mod Configuration Menu – With the Mod Configuration Menu, you’ll be able to manage the page and pause to the menu, at which time you’ll be able to make changes to the game without the need for closing the game first.

Fallout: New Vegas, Best Mods Released for Game Play So Far

· New Vegas Anti-Crash – Most of you already know that Fallout is a little buggy, but with the NVAC mod, you’ll be trimming down on the game’s likelihood of crashing.

· 4GB Fallout New Vegas – Fallout: New Vegas may begin to struggle with allocations of virtual memory when you’ve got a lot of mods running. This is where the FNV4GB really comes in handy, loading the game with the Large Address Aware executable flag so that the entire 4GB of Virtual Memory Address Space can be utilized.

· Mission Mojave – Fallout: New Vegas is not a bug-free game, but thanks to the mods, it’s becoming much better as time passes. With Mission Mojave, you can enjoy over 27,000 bug fixes for the game.

Fallout: New Vegas, Best Graphical Mods Released So Far

· New Vegas Redesigned – This mod focuses on recrafting all the NPCs. Think along the lines of textured skin, clearer complexions, and adjustments to NC structures to make them look real and not as cartoony.

· Nevada Skies – The Nevada Skies mod is great for making the blue sky seem more interesting. This mod adds elements such as sandstorms, thunderstorms, and even snow to play with 320 cloud variations to choose from.

· Wasteland Flora Overhaul – With the Flora Overhaul mod, you can choose between 101 different trees and plants to add to the barren wasteland.

· ELECTRO-CITY Relighting the Wasteland – New Vegas isn’t known for bright, flashing lights, but with the ELECTRO-CITY mod, you have the power to enhance gameplay and add the bedazzlement of bright lights to your experience.

· Fallout – Popular in Fallout 3, Fallout is a great mod since it has the ability to get rid of that radiation-green filter that almost consumed the game. In New Vegas, this mod makes everything appear orange, with hot desert tones lightening up the environment.

· Essential Visual Enhancements – With the Essential Visual Enhancements mod, everything that happens in combat (such as the way a bullet gets ejected from a gun or how blood quirts when the flesh is penetrated) is enhanced, greatly. All the effects and animation that happens in combat is reanimated and overhauled to make it appear more realistic and much more violent.

· FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting – This mod is almost like Nevada Skies, adjusting the intensity of sunlight and adding some pretty weather effects, which all come together to help create a much more realistic looking the Mojave Desert.

· ENB of the Apocalypse – If you have the Realistic Wasteland Lighting mod installed, you’ve got to pair it with the ENB of the Apocalypse mod since it will help you achieve a virtual reality which can only be associated with ENBs. To make the most of this graphical enhancement mod, however, it’s also recommended that you use the NMC Texture Pack.

· HQ Dust Storm FX – We all know that Vegas is seriously susceptible to dust storms, but sometimes in Fallout: New Vegas, dust storms look more like heavy mist than actual sand. Install the HQ Dust Storm FX and you’ll see what a real sandstorm looks like. Be warned though: it’s intensive and looks like it’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

· Oxide ENB – To add an intense, colorful, and atmospheric look to the Mojave Wasteland, the Oxide ENB is a pretty neat mod to use. It’s a much more fun alternative to the ENB of Apocalypse and comes with its own weather and lighting systems, making it ideal to use as is.

· IMPACT – When it comes to the shooter elements, Fallout: New Vegas is still lacking. Compared to some of the other FPS games out there, the guns in New Vegas feel like wimps. With the IMPACT mod, all of this can be remedied. The mod alters the impact effects as bullets hit a variety of surfaces. Look out for the bullet hole decals as well as the particle effects upon impact.

Final Thoughts

While there might be an abundance of mods available for Fallout: New Vegas, we reckon that the ones we highlighted in this post are the most noteworthy, and will prove to be the most valuable additions to your gameplay! We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and that you’ve already started downloading some of these amazing mods to forever change the way you see New Vegas.


Evolution Of Animated Movies And Technology

The world of cinema has gone through a huge transition since it began. Previously, it was just plain black and white cinema, later color came in and now we are exploring new dimensions like 3D movies and animations. Technology has played a huge role in this shift we are experiencing and definitely, it would go a long way forward too. We have also come up with IMAX screens where the visuals are just fantastic and we couldn’t have imagined it a few years ago. Let’s explore some of the future trends that the cinema world will see in the years to come.


High Tech Animation

We have seen some really cool animation in the past but the kind of technology that is brewing up will totally make the movie watching experience more exhilarating. In animation movies, the focus is completely on storytelling and doing it in a pleasant way. There is no baggage of actors and directors tuning them, animated characters will play the role as they are intended. We will see a lot of such movies coming and there will be more number of franchises for such films.

Watching Movies on the Go

We all have been stagnant in the innovation that changes our movie viewing experience apart from the usual screens we are accustomed to. With new apps launching like the ShowBox, they are certainly going to change the way we watch movies. You can know more about this app and explore how it works because this is certainly one of the ways in which a lot of people would be watching their favorite movies in the future. Watching movies on television or desktop computers will be a thing of the past once such apps start to surface and make their way into our phones.

New Dimensions to the Movies

3-dimensional movies have become common these days and much before we know, there might be new dimensions introduced as well. There are small shows happening in more dimensions, even 6D but they haven’t come to large scale movies yet. With the growing technology, it wouldn’t be surprising to see theatres that would specially be made to watch movies more than the average 2D/3D content.

New Film Genres

Although there are numerous genres of movies already existing in the cinema world, we might experience some new genres as well. Since artificial intelligence is growing up to be a huge game changer in the technological world, there might be a genre especially dedicated to such things. We have already seen movies like Her, Ex-Machina that have talked about this concept. If you haven’t had the opportunity then download MovieBox App to watch this movie. Here’s the link to their site, stream it now and witness how wonderful these futuristic movies are.

Final Say

Fans of animated movies will rejoice in glory as the future holds a lot of beautiful movies for them. As the technology advances, we might see a dimension of cinema that we have never experienced before. It is only the future that will show what the world of movies is coming to.