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Pie in the Big Sky

As part of the ongoing development of the Glacier Discovery Square project, the First Best Place has created a youth job-training and education program, centered around practical application learning in a community kitchen.

By providing a positive, encouraging and empowering experience, the Pie Cookery at Discovery Square seeks to enhance the lives of Flathead Valley youth and cultivate in them not only some practical know-how and experience, but some perspective, as well. For both our student/interns and our customers, we hope to create an awareness of what the life of a small, community-minded business is like; particularly a food business, and how it relates to the community, the environment, the local economy, and public health and nutrition. We hope that through involvement with Cookery’s spirit of community, productivity and optimism, our young students come away with healthy attitudes and ideas that motivate them well into the future, and which they might also share with their peers, their families, and any other communities they pass through

Already, multiple businesses have stepped forward to support this effort. We’d like to say a special thanks to Montana Coffee Traders and to Meadow Lake Resort, for making significant contributions to our kitchen development.