Evolution Of Animated Movies And Technology

The world of cinema has gone through a huge transition since it began. Previously, it was just plain black and white cinema, later color came in and now we are exploring new dimensions like 3D movies and animations. Technology has played a huge role in this shift we are experiencing and definitely, it would go a long way forward too. We have also come up with IMAX screens where the visuals are just fantastic and we couldn’t have imagined it a few years ago. Let’s explore some of the future trends that the cinema world will see in the years to come.


High Tech Animation

We have seen some really cool animation in the past but the kind of technology that is brewing up will totally make the movie watching experience more exhilarating. In animation movies, the focus is completely on storytelling and doing it in a pleasant way. There is no baggage of actors and directors tuning them, animated characters will play the role as they are intended. We will see a lot of such movies coming and there will be more number of franchises for such films.

Watching Movies on the Go

We all have been stagnant in the innovation that changes our movie viewing experience apart from the usual screens we are accustomed to. With new apps launching like the ShowBox, they are certainly going to change the way we watch movies. You can know more about this app and explore how it works because this is certainly one of the ways in which a lot of people would be watching their favorite movies in the future. Watching movies on television or desktop computers will be a thing of the past once such apps start to surface and make their way into our phones.

New Dimensions to the Movies

3-dimensional movies have become common these days and much before we know, there might be new dimensions introduced as well. There are small shows happening in more dimensions, even 6D but they haven’t come to large scale movies yet. With the growing technology, it wouldn’t be surprising to see theatres that would specially be made to watch movies more than the average 2D/3D content.

New Film Genres

Although there are numerous genres of movies already existing in the cinema world, we might experience some new genres as well. Since artificial intelligence is growing up to be a huge game changer in the technological world, there might be a genre especially dedicated to such things. We have already seen movies like Her, Ex-Machina that have talked about this concept. If you haven’t had the opportunity then download MovieBox App to watch this movie. Here’s the link to their site, stream it now and witness how wonderful these futuristic movies are.

Final Say

Fans of animated movies will rejoice in glory as the future holds a lot of beautiful movies for them. As the technology advances, we might see a dimension of cinema that we have never experienced before. It is only the future that will show what the world of movies is coming to.

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